Creating A Cool Itachi Drawing: A Step-By-Step Guide


Itachi Uchiha, One Of The Most Iconic Characters From The Anime And Manga Series “Naruto,” Has Captivated Fans Worldwide With His Complex Personality And Powerful Abilities. Drawing Itachi Can Be A Rewarding Experience For Fans And Artists Alike. This Guide Will Walk You Through The Process Of Creating A Cool Itachi Drawing, Step By Step.

Gathering Your Materials:

Before You Begin, Ensure You Have All The Necessary Materials. You Will Need:

  • Pencils (HB For Sketching, 2B And 4B For Shading)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Drawing Paper
  • Ink Pens Or Markers (Optional, For Outlining)
  • Reference Images Of Itachi Uchiha

Understanding Itachi’s Features:

To Capture Itachi’s Essence, It’s Crucial To Study His Distinctive Features:

  • His Eyes: The Sharingan With Its Unique Pattern.
  • His Hair: Long, Straight, And Usually Covering Part Of His Face.
  • His Attire: The Akatsuki Cloak With Red Clouds.
  • His Expression: Often Calm, Serious, Or Contemplative.

Sketching The Basic Outline:

Start With A Light Sketch To Outline Itachi’s Basic Proportions And Pose.

  • Begin With An Oval For The Head.
  • Draw A Vertical Line Down The Middle Of The Face And A Horizontal Line For The Eyes.
  • Sketch The Torso And Shoulders, Ensuring You Capture The Flow Of His Cloak.

Drawing The Face And Hair:

Focus On Itachi’s Facial Features And Hair:

  • Draw His Eyes, Placing Emphasis On The Sharingan. Make Sure To Get The Pupil And Tomoe Details Right.
  • Sketch His Eyebrows, Nose, And Mouth, Capturing His Calm Demeanor.
  • Add His Hair, Noting How It Frames His Face And Falls Over His Shoulders.

Detailing The Akatsuki Cloak:

Itachi’s Cloak Is A Key Part Of His Look:

  • Outline The Cloak’s Shape, Making It Appear Loose And Flowing.
  • Add The Red Cloud Patterns. These Are Not Uniform, So Vary Their Size And Placement.
  • Draw The High Collar And Any Visible Parts Of His Undershirt.

Refining And Adding Details:

Enhance Your Drawing By Adding Finer Details:

  • Refine The Shape Of The Eyes And Hair Strands.
  • Add Shadows And Highlights To Give Depth To His Face And Cloak.
  • Pay Attention To Small Details Like Itachi’s Headband (If Included) And The Lines On His Cloak.

Inking (Optional):

If You Prefer A More Defined Look, Use Ink Pens Or Markers:

  • Carefully Trace Over Your Pencil Lines, Using A Thinner Pen For Details And A Thicker Pen For Outlines.
  • Let The Ink Dry Completely Before Erasing Any Remaining Pencil Marks.

Shading And Highlights:

Add Depth And Dimension With Shading:

  • Use A 2B Pencil For Darker Shadows And A 4B For The Deepest Areas.
  • Blend Your Shading For A Smooth Transition Between Light And Dark Areas.
  • Add Highlights To The Eyes And Hair For A More Realistic Look.

Final Touches:

Review Your Drawing And Make Any Necessary Adjustments:

  • Ensure The Proportions Are Accurate And The Details Are Sharp.
  • Add Any Final Touches, Such As Additional Shading Or Highlights.
  • Consider Adding A Background Or Additional Elements To Enhance The Overall


Drawing Itachi Uchiha Can Be A Fulfilling Project, Whether You’re A Seasoned Artist Or A Beginner. By Following These Steps And Paying Attention To The Details That Make Itachi Unique, You Can Create A Cool And Impressive Drawing Of This Beloved Character. Practice And Patience Are Key, So Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over Or Refine Your Work Until You’re Satisfied With The Result. Happy Drawing.

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